Industry Patent Quality Charter

Gianluca Previti – Global Head of IP – Iveco Group N.V.

“My motivation for joining this group stems from a strong belief in the importance of patent quality. I am convinced that the strength of a patent lies not only in its grant, but also in its ability to withstand opposition or potential revocation in legal proceedings. By improving the quality of patents at the grant stage, we can ensure robust protection for the innovations they cover, thereby fostering a healthy and competitive business environment.

Moreover, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of collaborating with other experts in this field. I firmly believe that our collective efforts and shared expertise can significantly improve the granting phase of our European patent system. Enhancing this crucial stage is a key focus of our work, as it sets the foundation for the robustness and validity of patents. This initiative extends beyond just protecting our individual interests; it’s about contributing to a system that brings tangible benefits to all players in the innovation ecosystem.”