Industry Patent Quality Charter

Thomas Spernat – Head of IP – Heraeus Business Solutions GmbH

“For Heraeus as an innovative company, high quality patents are an essential asset which contribute to our business success. A thorough investigation of third-party patents is an essential step of our product development process. For these reasons, we rely on a thorough examination of patentability by the European and other patent offices so that we can focus our resources efficiently. We support the IPQC by ensuring the quality of our own patents as well as the joint effort of the IPQC members in addressing the quality standards of the examination process at the patent offices. It is important that the patent offices, such as the EPO, understand the issues of its customers and a dialogue with the IPQC regarding such issues can offer a path towards improving the patent system. We believe a reliable patent system is essential for a prosperous economy and benefits all participants.”